This movement started with a vision to uplift the lives of children in poverty-stricken areas, a laptop at a time. We had an opportunity to create equipment available for a subsidy. We had partners to help make this feasible. So, all we did was to put everything into action.

One Laptop per Child, Australia dreams of educational innovation in the low-income communities where chances for growth and development are lower compared to their middle- to high-income counterparts. We would like to create an effort to make equity work in these areas, thus helping their people especially the kids.

With this convenience to connect and learn, we can make these children feel supported, which nurtures their characters holistically. Self-sufficient, interactive learning is the key, while the ability to freely yet privately communicate is an added bonus.

By providing these laptops, these children are also subconsciously taught about helping and improving other’s worth which we hope could be passed forward to others in their communities.

After all, what these children need primarily are opportunity and tools -because, in areas where these two are fulfilled, development and success almost always follow.

In the first few years of One Laptop per Child, Australia, we have already seen two million children progress. The laptop was a great addition to their resources. They made their way up, if not to their bests. Please help us duplicate these efforts in the years to come.

Let’s help two more million children, One Laptop per Child at a time.