Learning whether at school or home also updates itself with technology.

There is no doubt that tech trends these days are getting incorporated into the teaching space. Whether it is on the grade school platform or the more advanced levels, these developments have taken place and are forecasted to continue this year and beyond.

1. 2016 is all about Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has started to take shape in schools and learning institutions, and we do not think there’s any turning back. Schools in California reportedly took students earlier this year to see ancient pyramids without leaving their classroom. Other schools did not get left behind, too – virtually, at least.

2. Wearables

The use of this equipment was banned in some institutions last year instead of cheating. This is the ultimate flaw of technology, I would say. While advanced minds exert effort to create these devices and make life easier and more interactive for everyone, some still can use these wearables and defeat the purpose of education.

However, many educators argue that these glasses, wristbands and other wearables can still be used in the education space.

Teachers and assistants have more means to engage students in class discussions, which are now made more dynamic by technology. With GPS tracking capabilities, it is easier for an instructor to track exact student location using wearables. These bracelets are best in tracing kids at school, too.

3. Lower Price on 3D Printers

When the price of a commodity gets lower, it reaches a wider audience. This applies even to 3D Printers.

These printers allow students to recreate concepts in a three-dimensional view, which allows a better perspective compared to the usual length*width aspects. Learners may now simulate what they can only read before, and for visual learners like me, understanding becomes more apparent.

These are just three tech updates inspiring evolution in educational patterns and systems. The year is not over yet; we are expecting more to come. P.S. The Internet of Things (IoT) is scheduled to surface some more in 2017. Technology is getting exciting.

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