About Us

The name suggests the goal ratio between laptop and children would be: 1:1.

One Laptop per Child, Australia is a non-profit organization that taps governments to coordinate with local education units in an aim to bring less fortunate children a closer access to learning, online content, and their communities.

Through OLPC’s flagship product, the XO Laptop, each recipient child is provided educational programs and apps. The children are meant to actively and proactively learn outside of school, in the comforts of their homes.

Participants are encouraged to study independently, thus training them to process information and find a solution without any assistance. Better yet, this also offers an avenue for parent-child bonding/ tutoring activities from time to time. That is a brilliant mix of self-sufficiency and interactive learning.

This device, which was intended to use less power, also has the wireless networking capability within nearby users. This technology fosters communication between children. It opens up opportunities for children to either participate in informal group learning discussions or simply make friends.

After all, it is our goal, at One Laptop per Child, to help these kids, and soon the world, in learning independently while also promoting interaction with their neighbor kids. Our mission: change the world, one laptop per child at a time.